Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's All About the Layers. . . is all about the layers...with the NEW Layering Framelit Dies!  

Stampin' Up! has released three new framelit collections that layer together to allow you to create beautiful layered cards!  

An added bonus is that they allow you to easily make shaker cards!!  

 And....let's face many punches would you have to purchase to get all these sizes?  

Talk about value!  

Square Set #141708  19 dies
Circle Set #141705  16 dies
Oval Set #141706  15 dies

Here are photos of the sets with the sizes of each die: 

Friday, June 24, 2016

More Birthday Cards. . .

Here are two more birthday cards I received.....this first one from one of my card class girls, Shirley M:  Isn't it funky!!!  LOVE IT!!!

And this beauty from my wonderful upline Denise W:

Ombre Stamp Pads. . .

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Birthday Surprise. . .

Last night my hubby organized a surprise family birthday party for me.  

Around 6:30 the doorbell rang and in came my Mother In Law, My other mother and father in law, my son , his wife and three kids, and two of my three step sons.  What a great surprise!  Here are some cards I got and a few pics hubby took.

Had to share this TOADALLY cute card made for me by Carole.  I LOVE the Stampin' Up! personalization and the verse she made up on the inside was sooo cute.

Thanks Carole!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

This Week's News. . . .

This week's news. . .grab a coffee and settle in girls. . .  lots to share this week:

1.  Next card Class is Thursday June 23 @ 6:30 pm.  We will be learning  a bunch of new techniques....Glitter Splatter Technique,  Joseph's Coat Technique, and Two Step Stamping!  

Also, I will be doing a product demonstration on the new Banners for you Bundle that you absolutely need to have! Banners are super trendy right now, and the banner shapes in this set give a unique twist.  

This bundle saves you 10%, tons of other stamp sentiments work with it, it is all occasion and can be used throughout the year, you can totally customize the sentiment and offer a variety of looks with NO FUSSY CUTTING!  

We will be using a BUNCH of new products in this class....Best Birds Bundle, Swirly Bird Bundle, Pop of Paradise, Gift of Love, new ribbons and more!!

Don't miss out on this fun new product class!! 

2.  Upcoming Class Dates:  July 21 and Aug 18- remember if you register for a class and I hold a seat for you and cut card kits for you , you are committing to either the $20 flat fee or placing and order for $30 worth of product whether you attend the class or not.  

3.  Contest Alert:  Name That Tune Contest. . . here is a fun contest for you.  Go through the catalog and check out all the stamp sets.  Write down the name of a song that comes to mind when you look at the stamp could be by the name of the stamp set or one of the images in the stamp set.  Email me your list for a chance  to win a prize valued at $27.00 CAD.  I will post all the answers on my blog so everyone can share in the fun.  Please have all entries to me before July 15.....

4.  Clearance Rack- don't forget to check the Clearance Rack for savings up to 60% off. 
5.  Customer Loyalty Punch Card:  remember for each order over $60 you get a punch on my customer loyalty punch card.   Fill the card and you get to choose  FREE PRODUCTS!!!  (cannot be combined with any other offer) 

6.  Tip of the Week:  easily overlooked item on page 91- Shooting Star Bundle - make amazing slider cards with this bundle.  Other stamp sets that would work amazingly well with the framelit dies to create other slider cards are Seaside Shore on Page 93, Better Together Page 83

7.  Trend Alert:  hot new trend is to cut apart the greetings you put on your cards to create stand alone words....check out these samples found on page 97

8.  Card Stock Share:

 I have been approached by a couple of my girls who are wondering if there is anyone else interested in joining them in a card stock share

Basically check your card stock and see what colors you are missing or low me and let me know what colors you would be interested in sharing with some other girls. 

If there are six girls who are interested in sharing....that means each girl would get four sheets of each color - enough for 8 cards. Or if three girls are interested that means each girl would get 8 sheets - enough for 16 cards. 

Card stock packs are $10 if six girls ordered 12 packs you would each pay $20 plus taxes and shipping and receive 12 colors- four sheets of each......if three girls ordered six would each pay $20 and receive 6 colors- 8 sheets of each. 

Basically paying the same amount if you ordered full packs yourself but receiving a variety of colors....good idea. me if you are interested with a list of the colors you are interested in......I will coordinate and see if we can make this work. This way you are not stuck with 24 sheets of one color.  Deadkube us June 30th.  

9.  My Canada Day Special

SHEL’S  BUNDLES…..coordinating products that are not bundled in catalog. Note that there are die bundles and punch bundles as well.  

July 1 is Canada Day… celebration I am offering you FREE SHIPPING (10%) when you purchase any of these bundles from me directly on July 1. This is a one day special other discounts or promotions apply. 

Check out the SHAKER CARD SPECIAL. . .

Email me your order and I will email you an invoice with the free shipping!!!!

Die Bundle One $56.00 :
Birthday Banners                          and               Bunch of Banners Framelits
Page 15 #14406 (pp) $21.00                                   page 193 #141488 $35.00

Die Bundle Two   $77.00:
You’re So Sweet                            and              Treat Bag Thinlets
Page 16 #139440 (c) $25.00                           Page 193 #137547 $52.00

Die Bundle Three  $54.50:
Celebrate Today                            and              Balloon Framelits
Page 18  #137138 (pp) $32.00                       Page 192  #137362 $22.50

Die Bundle Four    $67.00
Sweet Stack                                  and               Cutie Pie Thinlet
Page 19  #138948 (pp) $21.00                       Page 191  #138273  $46.00

Die Bundle Five   $68.00
Homemade for You                        and               Bakers Box Thinlet
Page 20  #139444 © $24.00                           Page 191  #138279  $44.00

Die Bundle Six  $67.00
Peaceful Pines                                and              Perfect Pines Framelits
Page 28 #139728 (pp) $32.00                        Page 192 #139665  $35.00

Die Bundle Seven  $67.00
Snow Place                                    and              Snow Friends Framelits
Page 30  #139738 (pp)  $32.00                      Page 192 #139664  $35.00

Die Bundle Eight  $65.00
Wondrous Wreath                         and               Wonderful Wreath Framelits
Page 32   #135047(pp)  $32.00                      Page 192  #135851  $33.00

Die Bundle Nine  $66.00
Embellished Ornaments                 and               Delicate Ornament Thinlets
Page 33  #139759 © $27.00                          Page 194  #139667  $39.00

Die Bundle Ten $47.00
Holly Jolly Greetings                     and               Christmas Greeting Thinlets
Page 34  #139882 (c) $27.00                         Page 192  #139659  $20.00

Die Bundle Eleven $65.00
Vintage Leaves                              and               Leaflet Framelits
Page 37  #138802(pp) $32.00                        Page 193  #138283  $33.00

Die Bundle Twelve  $54.00
Bloomin Love                                and               Bloomin Heart Thinlets
Page 46  #140643(pp) $21.00                        page 194  #140621  $33.00

Die Bundle Thirteen  $62.00      
Something For Baby                      and               Baby’s First Framelits
Page 58 # 138662(pp) $29.00                        page 192  #133735  $33.00

Die Bundle Fourteen  $64.00
Made With Love                           and               Baby’s First Framelits
Page 59  #138662(pp)  $31.00                       page 192  #133735  $33.00

Die Bundle Fifteen  $54.50
Watercolor Wings                         and             Bold Butterfly Framelit
Page 68 #139424(pp)  $32.00                        page 194  #138135 $22.50

Die Bundle Sixteen  $65.00        
Watercolor Wings                          and               Butterfly Thinlets
Page 68 #139424(pp)  $32.00                        page 194  #137360 $33.00

Die Bundle Seventeen  $64.00
Crazy About You                          and               Hello You Thinlets
Page 70  #137137 (pp)  $31.00                      page 192  #141707  $33.00

Die Bundle Eighteen  $67.00
Layering Love                               and              Sweet & Sassy Framelits
Page 71  #141965© $21.00                           page 193  #141707  $46.00

Die Bundle Nineteen  $60
Beautiful Banners                                 and               Banner Framelits
Page 88  #141894  $25.00                             page 193  #132173  $35.00

Die Bundle Twenty   $53.00
Circle of Spring                            and               Wonderful Wreath
Page 94  #138964(pp)  $20.00                       page 192  #135851  $33.00

Die Bundle Twenty-one  $63.00
Sunburst Sayings                          and               Sunburst Thinlet
Page 99  #140725 $24.00                              page 193  #140617  $39.00

Die Bundle Twenty-Two   $60.00
Friendly Wishes                             and               Lots of Labels Framelits
Page 105  #139579 $25.00                            page 193  #138281  $35.00

Die Bundle Twenty-Three  $64.00
Bear Hugs                                   and               Bear Hugs Framelits
Page 107  #139546©  $29.00                        page 193  #140275  $35.00

Die Bundle Twenty-Four  $63.00
Butterfly Basics                             and              Butterfly Thinlets
Page 113  #137154 $30.00                            page 194  #137360 $33.00

Die Bundle Twenty-Five  $63.00
One Wild Ride                               and               Bunch of Banners
Page 115  #141724  $28.00                           page 193  #141488  $35.00

Die Bundle Twenty- Six  $70     
Painters Palette                            and             Layering Squares
Page 119  #141910  $24.00                           page 193  #141708 $46.00

Die Bundle Twenty-Seven  $74.00
Rose Wonder                                and               Rose Garden Thinlet    
Page 132  #140697(pp)  $33.00                     page 194  #140619  $41.00

Die Bundle Twenty-Eight $74.00
Number of Years                           and               Large Number Framelits
Page 136  #140653(pp)  $33.00                     page 193  #140622  $41.00

Die Bundle Twenty-Nine  $65.00
Botanical Blooms                           and              Botanical Builder Framelits
Page 142  #140757(pp)  $21.00                     page 194  #140625  $44.00

Die Bundle Thirty  $65.00
Flower Patch                                 and               Flower Fair Framelits
Page 150  #134207(pp)  $32.00                     page 192  #133731  $33.00

Die Bundle Thirty-One  $89.00
Playful Pals                                   and               Pyramid Pals Thinlets
Page 154  #140506(pp) $43.00                      page 191  #140618  $46.00

Punch Bundle One $41.50
Acorny Thank You                        and              Acorn Builder Punch
Page 36  #139718(pp) $18.00                        page 186  #139681  $23.50

Punch Bundle Two  $51.50
One Wild Ride                               and              Best Badge Punch
Page 115  #141724(c) $28.00                        page 186  #140633  $23.50

Punch Bundle Three  $49.50
Grateful Bunch                             and              Blossom Bunch Punch
Page 94  #140691(pp)  $26.00                       page 186  #140612  $23.50

Punch Bundle Four  $58.50
Teeny Tiny Wishes                        and               Classic Label Punch
Page 90  #127802(c )  $35.00                        page 186  #141491 $23.50

Punch Bundle Five  $46.50
Fairy Celebration                          and              Bitty Butterfly or Elegant Butterfly Punch  
Page 63  #141554(c)  $25.00                         page 187  #129406 #127526 $21.50

Punch Bundle Six  $55.50
Balloon Celebration                        and               Balloon Bouquet Punch
Page 24  #140675 $32.00                              page 187  #140609  $23.50

Punch Bundle Seven $80.25- SHAKER CARD SPECIAL
Layering Circles Framelits      &      Sprinkles Punch           &      Foam Adhesive Strips
Page 193  #141705  $46.00          pg 187  #141472  $23.50   pg 182  #141825 $10.75

Punch Bundle Eight  $49.50
Reason For the Season                 and              Festive Flower Builder Punch                
Page 34  #139730  $26.00                             page 188  #139682  $23.50

Punch Bundle Nine…$58.00-  SHAKER CARD ADD ON
Confetti Hearts Border Punch         and               Confetti Stars Border Punch
Page 187  #137415 $29.00                             page 187  #135861  $29.00

 10.  Inventory Status Report:  

Remember, if an item is out of are ordering the hottest and on trend products !  If you place your order, your name goes on the waiting list and as soon as the product hits the warehouse it is tagged for you, immediately pulled and shipped out to you.  If you choose to wait to order, there could be thousands more people ahead of you next time you try to order. 

Detailed Floral Thinlets. . .

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Best Kept Secret. . . Secret stash of stamp sets. . .


 Very few people know about these stamp sets!!!!  Bad for them.....good for you!!!! 
They were first introduced when Stampin' Up! was experimenting with photopolymer stamp sets. 
A new set came out each month and were available while supplies last. 
Demonstrators were asked to share them, but not everyone got the message. Those that did loved the photopolymer sets and now photopolymer stamps are all over our current catalog! 
But since many didn't get the memo some of those first sets are still available. You just need to know the name and number to order them online or through your demonstrator.