Sunday, May 29, 2011


All of us have probably used the crimper at one time or another to alter an element for a card, like texturizing cardstock to use as a layer ing piece.

But what about other "Out of the box ideas"?

Use the crimper on the four sides of the card stock to create a frame for the stamped images.

Crimp part of the Bigz Top Note die cut as one of the layers

Use the crimper to make realistic looking leaves - fold the cardstock in 1/2 along the vein of the leaf and then crimp at an angle.  When you open the leaf back up there will symetric crimps that meet in the middle.

Make faux suede by using it several times in all directions to peel the cardstock apart.

Crimp the new die-cut leaves (#2) before sponging them.  Crimping gives the leaves a 3-D look.

Use them on long rectangle strips to make french fries - add to a french fry box.

Use for crimping the ends of containers such as the sour cream and pixie sticks holders as it helps to seal the ends.

What other ideas can you come up with?

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