Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bugs and Kisses- August club card 3 of 3

This little beauty was so much fun.  The girls sponged the background and then heat embossed the dragonfly.  Easy but how pretty!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snow Much Fun Aug Club card 2 of 3

The girls used the Big Shot for this card to die cut the squares and emboss the snowflake background.  The image was then colored in using the Stampin Write markers. 

The pretty in pink and chocolate chip are an unlikely choice for a Christmas card. . . but the results are stunning.

Monday, August 29, 2011

August Club Card 1 of 3-

Here is one of August Cardmaking Technique Club cards.  The girls learned heat embossing, sponging and bleaching. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Triple Treat Flower Stamp

Did you know. . . . that the triple treat flower stamp #122909 $10.95 page 18 is one versatile little stamp!

It can be used with the 1/2 inch circle punch#119869$7.95 page 212, as well as the fancy flower punch#118073 $22.95 page 210 and the 5 Petal flower punch #119880 $22.95 page 210. 

Now if you use stamp it three times with different inks (aren't the new in colors fun!!!) (this is lucky limeade, calypso coral, wisteria wonder), punch them all out and mix them up, add a little bling. . . . this is the AMAZING creation you will come up with: 

If you would like to order one of these versatile stamps for yourself, or to find out how you can get one FREE, contact me at 232-7744 or

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Designer Series Paper Sample Packs

I just received my sample packs of all the designer series papers.

Boy oh Boy are they ever different from what is pictured in the catalog- much nicer!

If you wish to see them, and perhaps take advantage of this months promotion of buy 3 get 1 free, contact me today!

Shel 232-7744 or

Monday, August 22, 2011

Simply Scored- Holiday Mini Sneak Peek

Here is a review / comparison of Stampin Up new score tool by fellow demonstrator, Ann N:

Stampin’ Up! unveils its newest tool in the Holiday Mini!

Yep, it’s a SCORING TOOL (Available to order on September 1).

“But,” I hear you say, “there are already TWO scoring tools out there—Scor-Pal, the original scoring tool, and Martha Stewart’s scoring tool.”

You’re right. And I have all three. Which makes me an expert. So here is my expert opinion, and I am trying to be as fair and non-partisan as a Stampin’ Up! Demo can be.

The size, look, and feel:

All three tools are sized to handle a 12 x 12 sheet of paper. Scor-Pal (SP) is medium gray, Martha Stewart (MS) is creamy white, and Simply Scored (SS) is dark gray.

The SP has half-inch-spaced scoring grooves, with a few extra lines for frequently used, non-half-inch measurements, like 4.25; etc. The SP has 1/8 inch hash marks for the first half inch on the top ruler, so that you can adjust the paper to get perfect scores for odd measurements (e.g., to score at the 3.75” mark; move your paper to the .25” hash mark; then score on the 4” score line). Both MS and SS have grooves every 1/8 inch, making those odd measurements easier to find without straining your brain.

The Scoring Tools:

SP has a smooth, plastic tool that handily snaps into place at the top of the tool. It’s easy to pop out, and when brand new, makes smooth, even scores and stays in the groove, especially when you hold it correctly. (Staying at a more parallel angle to the platform works better… a 45 degree angle or less.) I also like using the tool as a creasing tool. It’s fast, and I don’t need to get out my bone folder. HOWEVER, after hundreds of scores, the plastic tool starts to wear down, flatten, and get thicker. (The one pictured below [bottom stylus] is new, scoring point on the left.) The scores become shallower, and the tool will slip out of the groove. You can buy new scoring tools, but you have to remember to do that, and then wait for delivery.

While some may disagree with me, I, personally, HATE the MS scoring tool (photo, middle, scoring point on the left). It’s too thin and sharp for my taste. It’s very easy to tear through paper (not cardstock so much, but the lighter weight designer papers), and it doesn’t flow as smoothly. It seems to drag
on the cardstock, and slips out of the groove easier. Because I use my forefinger on top of the stylus to apply pressure, it hurts after a few scores. I also find it harder to use as a crease tool. And it doesn’t attach to the front. You have to get it out of the storage compartment.

I really LOVE the SS score tool (photo, top). It’s a stylus with two ends, one bigger than the other. The two smooth, metal ends score smoothly, stay in the grooves (again, keep the angle 45 degrees or less), and you have the choice of thicker or sharper score lines. The tool snaps into place on the bottom front of the tool, so it’s always easy to get to. Doesn’t work as a creasing tool, though.

Special Features:

The SP was the original scoring tool, and at the time, that was special enough by itself.

The MS tool has a storage compartment at the top, with two stickers to use for scoring measurements. You can store your scoring tool, and there is room for your bone folder, pencil/pen, etc. However, the door on mine will not stay shut if you turn it on its side, so I’m always having to retrieve my tools from the floor, table top, bottom of my bag, etc. The MS tool also has a nifty angled tool stored in the back of the platform, and it slides onto the left side and helps you score perfect angled lines for envelopes.

The SS tool has a storage compartment at the top as well, but to open it, you sort of lift up on the back edge, which “unhooks” the lid, which will then fold back. It will stay shut when it’s properly closed. It took me a minute to figure it out, but I’ve got it now! The compartment is divided, and the left side is large enough to hold a bone folder, pencil, extra scoring tool, etc. The right side is smaller and holds the other special feature: the scoring markers. Along the top of the scoring ruler on the platform, there is a little rectangle for each 1/8 inch groove. The SS comes with three arrow markers which snap into the rectangles pointing to the groove. (See picture.) It’s perfect for marking projects with multiple folds so you don’t have to keep checking the ruler or using Sharpies to mark the grooves. (Both my SP and MS tools are marked up!) You can purchase extra markers in packages of six (which I did when I bought the tool… you ALWAYS need more markers!).

Let’s not forget the feet!

The SP (see photo, left) has 4, quite small rubber feet (1 in each corner) to prevent slippage… sort of.

The MS (photo, middle) has 4 larger non-slip feet, but the material is very spongy, and my sponges are already smooshed too flat to do much good.

The SS (photo, right) has 8, very study, textured feet made of translucent material that keeps the platform from slipping on your work surface. The feet are at the top, middle, and bottom of both sides, and there are two more in the middle of the platform at the middle and bottom. It doesn’t slip. Period.


Since SP has been out the longest, it has developed related tools. One of the add-on features you can buy is a self-healing cutting mat/work surface that fits on the SP platform so you can leave the SP on your work surface and use it for cutting and gluing, etc., and still get to your SP for scoring without hassle. There is also a special carrying bag you can purchase, or they have a bundled kit you can purchase (how I purchased it) with the bag, SP, extra tools, Scor-Mat, glitter cloth, and Scor-Tape. They have also created an improved SP, with more grooves for easier measuring, and a Scor-Buddy. It’s smaller, and costs less ($19.95).

Cost (for the tools with 12 x 12 inch platforms):

The SP is $44.95CDN + tax & shipping; the MS is $34.95CDN + tax ; and the SS is $38.95 + tax & shipping.

Overall impressions:

Until now, I’ve preferred my SP over the MS tool. Love the 1/8 inch grooves, but hate the scoring tool, and the SP stylus was just a tad fat for the MS grooves. And, though the angled scoring tool is a very cool, I find I really don’t score on angles unless I’m making envelopes, and I really don’t have the patience for that. I love that the stylus snaps onto the front of the SP. I hate the MS storage compartment. (Sorry, Martha.)

Now that I have the SS tool, though, I prefer it over the SP. I like the metal stylus with two tips. I have the choice of thin and thick score lines, and the metal won’t flatten and wear out. And I like the way it snaps onto the front, AND we still have a storage compartment, and it stays closed. What puts SS over the top for me, though, are the score-line markers. Finally—a tool that I don’t have to mark up with Sharpies. (I mark my paper cutters up, too—maybe we can work on that, next.)

The price differences:

The SP is more expensive for the 12 x 12 size, and the MS is cheaper,.However, my MS score tool has spent most of it’s time on a shelf, and if I don’t use it, it’s not much of a value The price of the SS is below the SP, and has better features. It’s higher than the MS tool, but again, better features.

And the winner is:

Until someone thinks of a new way to add features to a molded plastic, 12 x 12 platform for scoring, in my expert opinion, the Simply Scored Tool by Stampin’ Up! wins. Really.

Tip from Shel:   With the new hostess benefits program, even a minimal qualifying workshop of $200.00 in sales,  will ALMOST get you the Simply Scored for free!  $200 sales = $35 hostess dollars… price of the Simply Scored: $38.95.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello Everyone!

Hubby and I are back from a much needed vacation. 

We got away for a couple of days just the two of us, got to sleep in, stay up late, and basically do as we please- IT WAS GREAT!

My poor dog was NOT happy that her Mom and Dad left her home with Grandma!  She gave Grandma a really hard time and wouldn't eat.  But, she is over it now- her life is back to normal

Took my oldest grandson to Tinkertown on Friday and had a GREAT time!  It is amazing how much fun we had for 15 measly dollars!  He was smiling and laughing the whole time.  I am sure he rode every kids ride in the park at least four times! 

I have no cards to share with you today, so instead I will share with you a few pics of my grandson.

                                                Richard and Grandpa Mike having a snack and a drink
Speeding in a sporty lime green car

                                           Concerned because his boat was taking on water by his feet.
                                                      Bucky the Beaver water fountain
Fast swimming fish
                                                Loved the "big moose"
                                        One happy little boy
                                         Swinging away the day- he loved this ride!
Monkeying around for the camera
                                                      Loved the little deer statue

Hard to belive he starts school in a couple of weeks!  One special little boy who has  a very special spot in his Grandma's heart!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heat Gun- Tips and Tricks

The Heat Tool by Stampin' Up! is a must-have item in your tool drawer.

 It is used to add dimension and depth to your paper crafted items

 It allows you to melt & set embossing powders, or melt Heat & Stick Powder to use with our glitter.

Here are a few tips to help you create beautiful projects each time you use your heat tool:

1.    Always wipe the surface to be embossed with an Embossing
Buddy before you stamp.  This will stop the   embossing powder from sticking to areas of the cardstock other than that which is to be embossed.  

2.   To protect your fingers from getting burnt, use the Application Tool (looks like a mini Popsicle stick) from a rub-ons set to hold down your project while you're heating it up.

3.    Warm up the heat tool for a few seconds before you aim it towards your project, then it will deliver a more even heat and you'll be done faster.

4.  I wrap a piece of cardboard with aluminum foil.  Then I put the "foil board" on a work surface and aim your heat gun at the center of the board. 

5.  Place your project on top of the 'warm' section and watch how much faster your project heats up!  This is because you're heating the item from the top and the bottom. 

4.  Use a paint brush to dust off your Powder Pals  trays
to make sure you get all the embossing powder back into the container.

If you are interested in purchasing a heat gun, or any other tools, contact me directly at or click the “SHOP NOW” icon on the left hand side of my blog. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trick with the Square Punch

Here is a neat trick with the square punch:

 Insert your paper so that the corner is centered evenly on both sides- then punch
Voila- perfect punch!

This is a trick that was shown to demonstrators at Convention this year.  Can't wait to see what you come up with using this trick- be sure to email me your creations, I would love to see them!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scrapbooking Class Pages

 Here are some scrapbooking Class sample pages.  Click on the image to enlarge.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hubby's 48th Birthday

Mike was treated to a special dinner with his three sons last night to celebrate his 48th birthday.

Here is a photo taken to remember the special day:

Yep, his kids took him to Montana's and converted him into a MOOSE!!  Ha hahahahahah!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Shel’s Stampin’ News                          
                   August 2011

Hello Stampers!  

Can you believe this wonderful summer weather we have been blessed with!

I hope you have all had a chance to check out the New Idea Book and Catalog and Summer Mini  online.  If not, go to my blog: www.shelscreativecorner. and click on link on the left side of the page for the catalog or click the red shop now icon.

I also hope you have enjoyed all the creative cards that I posted on my blog from Stampin Up Convention 2011.  There were certainly a lot of VERY talented paper artists, who, I hope, gave you some inspiration with their cards.

I have lots to tell you this month, so here goes:

1.       The Holiday Mini catalog will be coming out on September1st.   There are TONS of wonderful new things that you are going to LOVE! 

2.      The Summer Mini catalog will end on Aug 31.  Be sure to get your order in prior to this date if there is something you want.

3.      August Stampin Up! Promotion on Designer Series Paper: Purchase three packages of designer series paper and receive the forth one FREE! Valid Aug 1-31, 2011 only.

4.      My Stampin Up! Monthly Special:  Receive 10% off the price of Designer Series Paper.  Note that if you combine my special with the Stampin Up promotion you will receive four packages of paper for the price of three plus get a 10% discount off the cost!  Time to STOCK UP!

5.      Upcoming  Specialty Classes for August:

                Thursday Aug 11 @ 6:30 pm- House Mouse Stamp-a-Stack- $10.00- make five cards using the amazingly cute House Mouse Stamps. We will be using watercolor pencils, markers, and watercolor crayons.  Air conditioned environment.  All supplies included.  Must bring basic tool kit.  Must preregister.

6.       Upcoming Stampin Up Classes for August:

               Thursday Aug 25 @ 6:30 pm- Cardmaking Techniques Club- for club members only (space still available) We meet once a month and learn new and exciting card making techniques.  Contact me if you would like to join or for more information.

Well that’s all for this month. .  Contact me if you have any questions.

Inky hugs til next time…..

Shel Anderson
Independent Demonstrator for Stampin' Up!
Phone: (204)232-7744 SHOP ONLINE 24/7