Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Warped Cutting Pads

Do you have warped cutting pads for your Big Shot?

Me too.  They still work.....but they do not lay flat.

Well today's tip will help you out.

  I recently read somewhere (I am not positive but I think it was a girl from Arizona named Sue Ann )  that you can take these pads and set them outside in the sunshine and let the sun heat them up.

Let them get good and hot.

Then bring them inside and lay them on a flat surface ( like your counter top) and pile textbooks on top of them.

Leave them overnight.

The next morning- voila- flat plates.

Now I am sure the same technique will work for cuttlebug cutting plates as well.

So don't be discouraged girls, summer is coming and so is the warm sunshine.

The first nice warm day my plates are going to land on my black deck and get a suntan!! ( he he he)
Hurry up Spring and melt away this blasted snow!!!

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