Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Items Have Been Added to the Clearance Rack!

New Items Have Been Added to the Clearance Rack! 

Stampin Up! has just added 55 new items to the Clearance Rack!  You should check them out for amazing deals!  

See below for how to shop online and get preferred pricing!  

Online Shopping and Preferred Pricing

Did you know you can shop online 24/7.  How cool is that- sit at home in your jammies with a coffee and shop!  

Go to www.stampinup.ca

Click the store link

You can go ahead and shop right there, but you will notice that there are two different prices:  regular price and preferred price.  The preferred price is less expensive than the regular price.  In order to be charged the preferred price you need to name me as your demonstrator- it's easy...and saves you money.....here's how: 

Click create an account and fill in the blanks

It will ask you : Do you have a demonstrator and you click yes

A box will pop up :  Demonstrator Directory:  fill in as follows:  Shel
                                                                                                       Winnipeg MB
                                                                                                        R3T 0P5
My name will pop up- you select it

Continue shopping

This will give you the lowest price (preferred price)  

The order will be shipped direct to your home!  How easy is that?  

Be sure to check out the Clearance Rack section for AWESOME DEALS!  

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me for assistance:  232-7744

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