Wednesday, August 15, 2012

July Free Crop.....such a FUN day!

Free crop for July was postponed and actually held on Saturday August 3rd. 

 The group was very small this month, but we had SO MUCH FUN! 

We created cards and scrapbook pages, shared news and stories and laughed until our sides hurt.

I had  a conversation a few weeks ago with one of my girls ( who shall remain nameless) that has never had seafood - with the exception of fish and chips. 

Well being an east coast girl, that is just a CRIME.  So I opted to fix that! 

 At free crop we all bring something for a potluck lunch....and it was my turn to bring the main I opted to force "nameless non seafood eating girl" to try some.

I made a hearty homemade seafood chowder that had shrimp, fish, clams, lobster and crab in it.  And everyone loved it.  YEAH! 

Dorothy brought some big yummy soft squishy buns to go with it, and Hayley made these amazing " Fairy Cakes" -can you see their little wings?  

A great photo of Dorothy refuelling the coffee mug!

And my handsome hubby Mike on a well deserved break from his carpentry project, caught with his hand in the "Fairy Cake" jar- poor guy doesn't get any home baking since the kids are all gone.  He sure liked Hayley's fairy cakes. 

And this is Miss Hayley refuelling the coffee cup too!
And this is me- recovering from side splitting laughter after telling the story of the guy I saw walking down Pembina Highway at 6:30 in the morning- too funny!

Well I think these photos are going to become a scrapbook page....cause it was a fun day that I want to remember it!  Thanks girls!

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