Friday, September 14, 2012

Scallop Dot Ribbon Flowers

Today I have a quick tutorial for you, for ribbon flowers! 

Here is a sample flower in more mustard (sorry my lighting was not the greatest) 

 They are very quick and easy to make using the Scallop Dots ribbon! It is found on page 172 of the catalog.  It costs just $10.95 for a ten yard spool,  and comes in a wide array of colors.

The holes are already in the ribbon, all you have to do is grab a needle and thread and in seconds you will have awesome ribbon flowers.

1.  Start with a 3-4" length of the dotted scallop ribbon. Using sturdy thread sew a running stitch in and out of every hole along one edge.

2.  Sew a running stitch in and out of every hole along one edge as shown in the picture above. 

3.  Pull tight, take a couple of stitches back at the beginning, and knot.

4.  Now cut the thread, or if you wish, you can stitch the raw edges together.  I have also used a glue dot to hold the rough edges together. 

Try it girls!  You are going to love these little flowers!  All it takes is a couple of glue dots to attach these to your card or scrapbook page!

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