Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Special Card for My Dad....

This is a very different card.  Hardly any stamping....just the title. 

My Dad is a HUGE horse fanatic.  

All my life my Dad has owned race horses.  When he was younger he raced himself.  When he retired, he quit driving, but both he and my Mom own horses.  

They spend a LOT of time in Maine, racing their horses and enjoying their retirement years. Guess that is what keeps them young- doing what they love and enjoying life. 

They both still do all the training, daily care, and race day prep and warm-up....they just hire a driver to drive the horses for the race. 

So, for Father's Day, a horse card was required- in my opinion.  

I found this AMAZING photo on the internet. I edited it into black and white and had it printed.  

Basically I just matted it and added a greeting, but I know Dad will love it. 

For the greeting notice how I tied some linen thread around the bumps on the punched piece- cool eh.

Funny, a photo of two horses shouldn't remind me of my parents, but this one sure does...puts a huge smile on my face. 

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