Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Product Spotlight: Crystal Effects

Crystal Effects is a water based clear lacquer that adds depth and texture.  It will appear cloudy as you apply it, but will dry to a clear shine.

Features and Benefits:

  • gives a high gloss shine to any image
  • creates amazing 3-D effects
  • applicator tip is tiny and provides great control
  • distributed exclusively by Stampin' UP!
  • water based for quick and easy clean up
  • dries completely within an hour if applied in thin coat
  • non toxic
  • acid free
  • product #101055 7.95 page 204
Tips and Tricks: 
  • use at room temperature
  • always store upright
  • prior to use place upside down in a cup, allowing air bubbles to rise to the top. 
  • when applying keep your nozzle down until you have completely finished adding it to your project
  • apply slowly
  • allow to completely dry before handling....several thin coats are better than one thick coat. 
  • do not use a heat tool- it will bubble and ruin your project
  • because it is water based, it can cause SU markers or ink to bleed- so carefully apply thin coats
Some Great Uses for Crystal Effects:
  • an adhesive for embellishments
  • simulate water drops or dew
  • add to eyes to give them a glossy look
  • to glue DSP to a button
  • use with dazzling diamonds to add a pop of sparkle
  • use as icicles on winter projects
  • re-glue stamps to wood blocks
  • use to create the illusion of glass when applied over a vase, eyeglasses, windows etc
  • use as a fray check on ribbon ends
  • coat top of brad with crystal effects then dip in glitter

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