Saturday, June 20, 2015

All You Need To Know About Adhesives!

I wanted to take a minute to discuss adhesives.  We all want our projects to stick together and stay stuck!  Below is a list of Stampin' Up! Adhesives and a brief description of each.:

Multipurpose Liquid Glue: This adhesive is great for a variety of crafts. The glue can be temporary (when allowed to dry a moment) or permanent when adhered promptly. The applicator features a fine tip  and a broad tip for larger applications. This glue is acid free (safe for scrapbooking), dries clear, and creates a strong bond.

Best uses: Paper, cardstock, coaster board, chipboard, embellishments, glitter, 3-D projects.

TIP: A tiny little dab is all you need! If you've got glue squishing out of your project, you've used too much.

Fast Fuse Adhesive: This super-strong permanent adhesive is similar to the SNAIL adhesive, but creates a stronger bond and is a great alternative for those in humid climates.

The Fast Fuse Refill offers nearly 9 extra yards of adhesive - a great value!

Best uses: Paper, cardstock, photos, coaster board, chipboard, 3-D projects.

Tear & Tape Adhesive: This new double-sided adhesive comes on a large roll (27 yards) with paper backing, but you can tear it rather than having to cut it with scissors (and the paper backing is cling free - unlike the old Sticky Strip!)

It's acid free - safe for photos and memory keeping.

Best uses: Paper, cardstock, photos, ribbon, coaster board, chipboard, boxes, 3-D projects.

TIP: At just 1/4" wide, this adhesive works great to hold ribbon in place with smooth results.

Stampin' Dimensionals: These double-sided dots of adhesive foam are perfect for adding depth and dimension to all projects. Use them to adhere almost anything from layers of paper or cardstock, to punched or die-cut images, to lightweight embellishments.

Best uses: Paper, cardstock, photos, coaster board, buttons, embellishments.

TIP: Dimensionals can be stacked for double thickness. You can also cut them in half (or even smaller) to fit under tiny images or embellishments.

Mini Glue Dots: Instant dots of adhesive on a roll (300 dots) to adhere embellishments with no mess and no drying time.

Super quick and easy!

Best uses: Paper, cardstock, photos, buttons, ribbon, embellishments.

TIP: Press embellishments to the dot on the roll, then remove the embellishment to adhere on your project.

2-Way Glue Pen: The lightweight glue in this pen is temporary (like a post it note)  if you let it dry first or permanent if you immediately adhere.

This acid free glue appears bluish in color when wet, but dries clear.

Best Uses: Paper, photos, glitter

TIP: If tip seems dry, hold pen straight up and down and depress the tip onto scrap paper once or twice to allow the glue to come to the tip.

Stampin' Glue Sticks: This diamond-shaped glue stick allows you to add permanent glue to even the tightest of corners.

Dries quickly, easy to use, and comes with 2 sticks per package.

Best Uses: Paper, photos, fabric.

SNAIL Adhesive: This extremely popular adhesive is similar to double-sided tape, but is contained in a palm-sized refillable dispenser that allows for a continuous line of adhesive to be applied quickly and easily. This adhesive is permanent and bonds instantly. It applies cleanly with no wrinkles, and is safe for use on photos.

SNAIL = Simple, Neat, Affordable, InLine.

Best uses: Paper, cardstock, photos.

TIP: Once you've glued your project or layer, run your finger over the area (burnish) using light/medium pressure to ensure the bond seals well. Also, don't throw away the dispenser when it's empty - it's refillable!

Crystal Effects: Most often used to create a glossy, lacquered look over images or when making your own embellishments, but this clear craft lacquer also works great as an adhesive.

Crystal Effects can applied using the applicator tip or brushed onto the project using a small paintbrush.

Best uses: Paper, cardstock, coaster board, chipboard, glitter, buttons, embellishments.

TIP: Used as an adhesive, Crystal Effects is permanent and will require appropriate drying time. The thicker the application, the longer it will need to dry.

Adhesive Remover: Oops! We all make little mistakes from time to time. The Adhesive Remover works like an eraser to remove unsightly adhesive from your project.

Note: Will not remove tape or Crystal Effects.

Best uses: paper, cardstock, coaster board.

TIP: Rub a corner of the adhesive remover over the area with excess adhesive. When all four corners get gummy, simply snip the corners off and keep using this project saving tool.

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