Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sometimes you just have to relax and have fun!

I taught this card in my Mega Christmas Card Classes ( 30 cards in one day) and it was by far the most challenging card for my girls. 

Most were intimidated, and some even obsessed over the placement of each image. 

When I designed this card, my thought was that this would be an easy peasy, quick and fun card to make.   Aparently not so.. . . LOL...who knew!

This card was made entirely using the assorted images from the Work of Art stamp set- a totally non Christmas stamp set.  His hat was made using two of the stamps.  His eyes and mouth using another, his nose another, and his scarf using two more stamps. 

I think it is a whimsically fun card!

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  1. Stinkin' cute idea amaze me my friend ❤️🎄 Thanks for sharing. ((Hugs))


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