Saturday, March 26, 2016

Personal Post- Trailer Visit and Dixie's Friends Bring Her A Present

 Two weeks ago we took a drive out to the campground to see how things were melting.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day!  

I was so excited to be going out so early but  not happy when we got there and found that a bleepin' red squirrel had decided to chew my hand painted mailbox!!!!!   Geesh!!!

We took a picnic lunch, and after a bit (ha ha)  of snow shoveling, we got the deck cleared and had our picnic.  Man it was warm sitting in the sun we had to take off our heavy coats. 

Every year we go out for a picnic but this is the earliest we have ever been able to do this.....prior to this the earliest was March 31.  

 Dixie was very excited to go....but a little wee dog in deep snow was hard work for her to walk in.  Isn't she cute in here purple snow suit!!!

Last weekend we went again and there was no way she was staying home.....she was eager to go and had her nose glued to the front door so as she was not left behind when we left.  Funny! 

Last week my card class girls arrived with a little gift bag for Dixie.  

In it was a new pink sweater ( she loves her clothes) that says " Cat's Suck"  

Here are a couple of class pics and Dixie playing with her friends. 

Too cute ladies.....too cute! 

The creative girls hard at work making their cards. 

 My Double trouble duo....always responsible for loads of laughs and fits of giggles.

 Showing off her new sweater with her friends! 

Thanks again girls- Love ya!

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  1. fun post Shel :-) ~ so nice to see you enjoying your trailer and stampin' corner :-) xoxo


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