Friday, April 29, 2016

Craft Storage- from the kitchen to the craft room- Tool Turnabout

I wanted to take a minute to share with you an AWESOME product I discovered that is absolutely perfect for my craft desk.   It holds all my frequently used items that I use when I am designing my cards. 

It is called a "Tool Turnabout" and is made by Papered Chef....designed to hold kitchen tools....but boy oh boy this is an amazing crafter's tool! 

It has tons of storage and is made of sturdy hard plastic and has a rotating base!!!  Score!!

I found a wonderful  Pampered Chef representative local here in Winnipeg.  
She also has a website where you can order one for yourself from anywhere in Canada. 
 I ordered mine directly from her and picked it up. 
 It was just a few days between the time I ordered and received my Tool Turnabout.  
Thanks Kelly! 

Here are her details:  

Kelly Evans
Pampered Chef Representative
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Here is her website you can order online and ship anywhere in Canada: 

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