Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Big Shot Sandwiches. . . a much needed review to clarify. . . and a video

With the introduction of the NEW Big Shot Platform and Thin Die Adapter, I thought it was time to review how to build the "sandwich". 

Now if you are not using the new platform and thin die adapter, but rather the connected 3 piece old system....continue to follow the printed instructions right on that system. 

ALWAYS REMEMBER. . . if in doubt. . . STOP!!!!  

If it feels too tight when you try to roll your project through the Big Shot. . . STOP!!!!!  

Your Big Shot is an expensive tool to replace...and let's face would be lost without it....stop and take a minute to review the instructions, rather than push forward and break your machine. 

Ok, here are the rules for the new Big Shot Platform and Thin Die Adapter: (sandwich ingredients are listed from the bottom up) 

FRAMELITS (open thin dies) and THINLETS (non detailed thin dies) :

  • magnetic platform on bottom
  • standard cutting pad 
  • single sheet of card stock
  • die
  • standard cutting pad
  • New big shot platform with thin die adapter on bottom
  • precision base plate
  • single sheet of cardstock
  • die
  • standard cutting pad
  • new big shot platform on bottom ( no thin die adapter) 
  • standard cutting pad
  • single sheet of card stock inside embossing folder
  • standard cutting pad
Now check out this video: 


  1. a newbie card crafter, I am confused.
    I recently bought and now use big shot. Love it. And, love making cards...until now.
    But I have extended platform plus the magnetic platform.

    So...why do I need the 'NEW" platform? And, what is the difference between the "new" platform and the precision base platform? Seems like Stampin Up is not making it easy for us. I do not want a large inventory of platforms just to increases their revenue.

  2. Hi Gardengal,

    Thanks for your comment.

    The extended platform is the same as our original big shot platform...just longer. You do not need to purchase any other platform.

    The magnetic platform holds dies in place over stamped images when die cutting them. In my opinion this is a wise investment.

    The Precision base plate is a steel plate that delivers improved performance with the detailed dies giving you extra fine cuts. You ONLY use the precision base plate for detailed dies like Florish Thinlets, Detailed Floral Thinlets, Birds and Blooms Thinlets, Swirly Scribble Thinlits and Bloomin Heart Thinlets. If you do not have the precision base plate you would simply run your dies through your machine numerous times and perhaps add a piece of computer paper or card stock for added pressure if needed ( every big shot is different)

    The new big shot platform is not what I consider a "necessary" is a is not joined together (hinged) the pieces are separate and has an adaptor for use with the thin dies.

    The die brush easily removes the small cut out pieces from dies....I use mine all the time and I think this is a wise investment.

    I hope this clarifies some of your confusion....If you check pages 190 to 195 it will give you the correct sandwiches to use with your machine for the various dies and folders.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Happy Stamping!


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