Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Anyone who knows me, knows to expect the unexpected. . . the same is true of this card. 

I purchased the Ghoulish Grunge Halloween themed stamp set from the Holiday catalog.  

Here is what is included:  

As you can see it is blood, spider webs, brick walls, wire fences and mesh net.  Kinda creepy right?!

Well when I saw this I did not see Halloween creepiness.  I saw icicycles, and fishing net, and brick walls (for background for florals) and yes chicken wire, and I saw abstract starbursts instead of spider webs.   Weird huh! 

Well, the above card that looks like paint drips is actually the blood stamp.....ewwww.  But c'mon, you have to makes a beautifully bright colorful backdrop for the birthday greeting and the balloons!  

I LOVE this card and had a blast making it.   Hope you like it! 

If you would like to purchase any of these products used in today's project, or would like to sign up for a class,  contact me directly:

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