Thursday, April 14, 2011

grrrrrr frustration and.....dissapointment !

I need to vent!

I just received my Demonstrator order and boy was I dissapointed!

  It arrived a day early which was great- but the MDS that my hubby ordered for me (God I love him and how he supports my addiction!) was not in the box!  I checked everything again and NOTHING!

Everything else was accounted for, ( a couple of items broken due to poor packaging) but not what I have been eagerly waiting for for ten days!

So I called demo support and they are sending it out....but I must wait another ten days to get it!  Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Guess I will just have to play with my four new punches, my two new stamp sets, my dazzling diamonds glitter and my new ribbons. I don't know if this will appease me for another ten days while I wait for MDS to arrive.  Hopefully it will inspire me enough to get my act together get creating and get some more stuff posted on my blog.

Inky hugs til next time....


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