Thursday, March 1, 2012

Preparing Your Clear Mount Stamps for Use

So, your new to stamping and have just received your first order.

You are so excited and can't wait to start stamping!

But wait...before you get started I have some advice for you.

I too prefer the clear mount stamps to the wood mount ones.  The reason is simply- STORAGE.

The clear mount stamps use up half the storage space of wood mount stamps.

 They both stamp exactly the is just that for me, storage space is at a minimum in my craft room/office.

So, when you receive your stamp set they come in a clear DVD type case.  Open the case and you will see a sheet of rubber stamps and a sheet of adhesive labels.

The first thing I do is tuck the adhesive label sheet into the back of my dvd case in the outside sleeve.

 I do not use them- I do not like them- I do not need them.

 Here is why...your hands contain oils, oils on a stamp block are the enemy.

Stamps with the labels attached to the foam will not cling to a block that is not super clean.

So if you want to be continually cleaning your stamp block, go ahead and use the labels.

My personal feeling is that life is just too short for frustrations like that...and I don't want my girls to be constantly cleaning blocks during class.  Lets face it, a lot of hands touch a stamp block during a class!

So enough said on that, the choice is yours.

Next you are going to pop out the stamps from the sheet.

What you have left is an empty framework.  Most people just simply throw these away- DON"T.

Peel the shiny paper off the back and it will cling to the inside of your stamp case.

Now to the stamps.  Peel the shiny paper off the back of each one and replace it in its original space on the rubber framework.

Why you ask?

At a glance you will be able to see if there are any missing stamps when you are putting your stamps away.

Otherwise you are counting each and every time to make sure you have them.  I would rather at a glance know that they are all accounted for.

Now, you may think that you have your stamps ready to grab a block, mount your stamp, grab an ink pad, load the stamp with ink....yes the moment is finally stamp it on your paper.....and are totally disappointed because the image is blotchy and faded!!!

What is wrong???

Oh yeah...I forgot to condition my stamps!!!

Good thing you read yesterdays blog post on stamp conditioning huh?

Now condition your stamps in the method you prefer and happy stamping!


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