Thursday, January 24, 2013


Ok, I just HAVE to share this amazing tip with you.....
You know how in some of our more detailed dies, like the finishing touches edgelit or the delicate doilies sizzlet, there are lots of tiny open areas for the cardstock to get stuck in.

If you do, then you also know how dang frustrating it is to sit there for twenty minutes with a paper piercer and poke each and every one of those tiny holes, so that you can use the die again. ( and if you are like me, you have multiple layers in there and only clean it out when it will no longer cut) 
Well....hold on to your seats are going to love this simple and oh so easy tip: 
Spray with Stampin Mist (or water works too) and let it sit for a minute.  This softens the paper and they pop out MUCH easier.  You will have the whole die done in less than a minute.  

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