Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tool Talk Thursday

Normally on Thursday's Tool Talk I talk about one specific tool. 

This one is going to be different.  Today I am going to give you some Tips and Tricks.  

Here they are: 

Be sure to let your heat gun heat up before aiming it at your project. This should only take 10 seconds or so, depending on your gun...Hold the gun far enough away from the paper to prevent burning or warping..

Line a clip board with aluminum foil. Then put your image to emboss under the clip portion to hold it steady. The foil will bounce the heat back to the image from the backside and emboss faster and more evenly..

Blend, blend, blend! Use a light touch with your colored pencils at first and gradually add different colors until you get the color you like. Remember to blend, blend, blend.

Store your markers horizontally for longer life.
Store your dye ink pads upside down to keep the ink at the surface of the pad. 

Go to the wallpaper store and ask for old wallpaper books.  The sample pages are a great size and can be used in so many ways.  Some of the designs are great for backgrounds and some of the pictures can be cut out, mounted and put a card with a 3-D effect.

Be sure to clean permanent ink off your stamp immediately to prevent staining of the rubber... 

Use "Post-Its" for masking. They are sticky and thin so they work perfectly for 

masking, or for holding your framelits in place when you are running them through the Big Shot. 

I hope some of these tips and tricks are new to you and help you in your stamping/cardmaking /scrapbooking. 

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