Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tool Talk Thursday- Aquapainter

On page 178 of the annual catalog you will find the aqua painters.  They come in a package of two- 1 medium and 1 large brush tip.  item #103954 $20.95

These are great for water coloring images using ink pads, markers, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons or pastels.

Aqua Painter Tips
1.  Choose card stock that is thicker such as the watercolor, glossy, Very Vanilla or Whisper White.

2.  Stamp images that you are going to watercolor with Stazon ink only.

3.  Fill the barrel of the aqua painter with the liquid of your choice.
4.  Squeeze the barrel slightly so that the liquid fills the reservoir and dampens the brush. Dab excess water on paper towels.  Remember you want the brush damp- not wet.

5.  Now pick your coloring tool of choice- a watercolor crayon, watercolor pencils, markers, or ink pads. For pencils and crayons apply to image and then blend with the aqua painter.  For markers, scribble ink on acrylic block and pick up color with aqua painter.  For ink pads squish some ink onto the inside cover and pick up ink with aqua painter.

6.  Remember it is going to take practice, but in no time you will be shading and controlling the amount of color you apply to your images.

7.  Between colors remember to clean the aqua painter brush on paper towels until it is clear of the last color you used.

8.  When you are done with your aqua painter remove the liquid from the barrel and allow to dry.

Suggested Liquids to Use in Aqua Painter

1.  water

2.  bleach- on dark card stocks- make sure you thoroughly clean after each use.

3.  70% alcohol with a drop or two of re-inker for an allover watercolor wash for backgrounds.

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