Thursday, April 4, 2013

Product Talk Thursday-Crystal Effects

Crystal Effects Uses
1.  It gives a high-gloss finish to any image.  Use a brush to apply a thing coat and let it dry.  Make certain that you clean the brush as soon as you finish.
2.  You can add a drop or two of dye ink refill to the Crystal Effects to produce a high gloss colored finish.
3.  Crystal Effects works great as an adhesive to add buttons and heavier embellishments to your work.
4.  To create 3-D effect to your work; simply apply a thick line of Crystal Effects to the outline of the image.  Set this aside and let it dry.  After it has dried, add a thinner coat of Crystal Effects to the inside area of the outlined image.
5.  Make icicles; apply a thick line of Crystal Effects on a piece of waxed paper.  Using a tooth pick, pull down lines of the Crystal Effects to look like icicles.  Sprinkle gently with Dazzling Diamond glitter.  Let this dry.  When it is completely dry, you can lift the icicle off or the waxed paper and apply it where you want on your card or scrapbook page.  Attach this with a thin layer of Tombo Multi-Purpose glue.
Features of Crystal Effects:
It is water based for easy clean up.
It dries completely within an hour, depending on the thickness it is applied.
It is acid free and safe for scrapbooks.

Tips on using Crystal Effects:
1.  Do not shake Crystal Effects.
2.  It can be used with any color medium.
3.  Clean the tip and recap after use to prevent the tip from drying and clogging.
4.  It is best to use Crystal Effects within a year.
page 177 item#101055 and it is $7.95 for a 2 oz. bottle

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