Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Retired List Contest Winner

Here are my guesses for the 12 retiring stamp sets;

1) stylin snowfolk pg 16
2)christmas blessings pg19
3)day of gratitude pg27
4)topsy turvey celebration pg 41
5)every little bit pg 53
6)dress up pg 67
7) word play pg135
8) clock works pg 105
9)gently falling pg 86
10) papaya collage pg 75
11)build a blossom pg 95
12) silver setting pg 109 Dorothy 

That is 8/12 for Dorothy! Great Job! 

Well here is my list ?!?

Open Sleigh
Animal Talk
Fabulous You
Topsy Turvey Celebration
Hand Knit
Button, Button
Daring Adventure
Postage due
Hoop La La
Nature's Pace
Established Elegance
One In a Million

These are my guesses based entirely on my likes/dislikes!  See what Happens!  Carole

That is 8/12 for Carole!  Another Great Job! 

Geez I hate when this happens.  You both did so well.  

As per my contest guidelines, I am going to use random generator to choose a winner. To be fair I will give you each numbers as you entered the contest. 

Carole entered first so her number is one, and Dorothy entered second, so her number is two. (I had other entries, but they did not have as many correct as these girls did, or they were late entries and did not qualify)

Ok, drumroll please....and the winner of the ribbon cutter is: 

True Random Number Generator  1Powered by RANDOM.
Congratulations Carole!

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