Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Scrapbooking Tip

How do you store your scrapbooking papers?

Here is a quick tip for you....it is much easier to design a layout if you store your papers by color.  

Recently I have been having some fun, "scrapping by color"   meaning that I grab a few photos for my layout, choose one color, and all the papers for my layout must come out of that color bin.  It is different, fun and quite cool.  

Here is a sample I found on the internet of a "scrap by color" layout where the designer has stayed in the black and white color group. 

Now even if you do not scrap by color, you will find it faster and easier to design your layouts if you sort your papers by color. 

I suggest you use the following: 

Reds and Pinks
Yellows and Oranges
Blacks and Whites
Beiges and Neutrals
Specialty Papers and Overlays  

Tip:  When sorting your patterned papers with multiple colors, look for the prominent color and use that as your guide.

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