Friday, July 25, 2014

Anniversary Card

Today I wanted to share with you, a beautiful card we received for our 5th anniversary last week.  

It was designed by Carole Anderson- one of my students, my friend, and also my mother-in-law.

Here it is:

What I Love:  

1.  The attention to detail- when we got married our colors were red, white and black.  The theme of our wedding was intertwined hearts.  For me....that is what makes this card so special....the attention to details that matter to the recipients.  

2.  The  glittery dazzling details (stickles) she applied to the textured hearts.  LOVE IT! 

3.  It is a gate-fold card.....LOVE IT!  

4.  Layers- you just gotta love a card with layers. 

Thanks again Carole for the beautiful card....and I hope her hard work inspires my readers.  

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