Saturday, January 20, 2018

1.20.2018...Scrapbook Saturday...

I was catching up on my scrapbooking ...I have sooo many photos that are just in boxes and I came across this photo that put a big smile on my face and took me on a trip down memory lane.  Here is the story:

In December 2013 I flew my eldest son, Joey to Winnipeg for the Christmas holidays.  I did not tell my youngest son, Jesse, who lives here; as I wanted to surprise him. 

Joey flew in on Friday night which was Christmas eve....I had called Jesse and told him that we had bought one big gift for his family that year and that we would drop it off after their kids were in bed.  Jesse said no problem. 

Problem....Joey's flight was late.  Oh my! Stress!

 Jesse called me at 10:40 pm and said Mom....are you coming tonight?  I told him hang tight....we got busy but were on our way. 

So we flew across the city from the airport and arrived at Jesse's at 11 pm. 

Joey was in the backseat of my car and I had put a dark colored towel in the window to block Jesse's view.  Mike and Joey stayed in the car and I went in the house and asked Jesse to come out and help Mike carry the gift in the house as it was too heavy for me. 

So we walk across the lawn and I open the hatch back and Jesse looks in to see his brother sitting there with a HUGE grin on his face. 

Well the surprise was a HUGE hit ....there were lots of tears and hugs. 

This photo above is a couple days later....this is a pic of all our boys together on Boxing Day. 

Sweet Memories!

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