Monday, March 19, 2018

19.03.2018...Artistic Grandkids.....and a proud Grandma....

A personal post today so this proud Grandma can brag.....

This is a wall hanging my oldest Grandson, Richard made for his parents for Christmas.  I was impressed!  It is GORGEOUS!

 Here is Richard again and a painting he did on canvas.

And here is Noah with his work of art!

And finally, sweet Brielle with her artwork!

 and when I asked the three of them to get together for a picture this is the silliness I got- they said this was their gangsta look....hahaha! then I said c'mon serious for just one pic.....

and this is what I got....silly boys!  

Finally....silliness aside for 2.3 seconds ....I managed to snap a pic in that time frame....whew!  LOL   Artistic and gorgeous grand-kids...I am blessed!

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