Friday, March 30, 2018

30.03.2018....No Line Water-Coloring.....

I got some pan water colors a while back and decided to try them out. 

I have tried this technique a couple times previously with other watercolors and was pleased....this time....not so much! It was a hot mess!

The colors were less intense and less rich....the paint did not flow and quite frankly was more water than color.  It was a lot of work- repeatedly painting over and over to get a good base of color, which distorted the images greatly and wreaked havoc on the watercolor paper.  There were a couple iridescent colors in the tray and I decided to try them on the flower centers and they were TERRIBLE!   

So....the point of this post....ALWAYS try something...(it is just a piece of paper) but DON'T freak out when it does not turn out. Am I proud of this card....absolutely not!  Will I use this card- no.

Why am I showing this show you that everyone screws up and has disasters when card-making.  Will I try painting with watercolor paints on a card again?  ABSOLUTELY!!!...but not with these paints....they are GARBAGE.  LOL!

Have a beautiful Easter holiday- may you be blessed and surrounded by family and friends. 

Inky huggs til next week!

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