Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Scrapbooking Class Page Two

We had only three ladies this month for scrapbooking class...but we had a great time!!
As always, I provide a sample page, to be used only as a guideline. The girls are encouraged to express their own creativity in the pages they create.

This is the second of three pages we created. Since our first page was time consuming, I went with a really simple page this time.

The idea here was to teach the girls that really striking pages could be created using just scraps- so KEEP ALL YOUR SCRAPS ladies, you never know when they will be needed.

I store my scraps in hanging file folders by color, making it easy to file and easy to find.

Here is my sample page: 

And here are the pages that the girls created:

This is Betty's page:

This is Carole's page:

This is Dorothy's page, she wanted to make this page coordinate with the page she made at last month's class so that she would have a double page layout:
This is her page from last month's class:

So...once again check back tomorrow to see the remaining pages from October's Scrapbooking class!

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