Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cardstock Cutting Calculator

In my last card class, I shared a tutorial on how you can stop wasting cardstock, and some tips for getting the most from your cardstock.  And how you can always have cards ready to go for any occasion. 

Today, I wanted to share an AMAZING tool that was shared with me by another demonstrator.  

It is a website that has a calculator that tells you the best way to cut your cardstock so that you have the least amount of waste.  Now there is a great money saving tip for you.   

Here is the link:

 I love that it shows you what the cut lines look like on your paper. 

All you do is enter the  parent size (8.5 x 11 OR 12x12 OR other odd shaped scrap that I have) and the finished size that I want to have and it tells me how many you can get per sheet and how to cut it.

If you combine the information from this cutting calculator with the tutorial I provided you with last card are going to save yourself a lot! 

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