Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Saturday Fun...

I wanted to share a photo of a few of my girls having some fun cropping on a Saturday afternoon.  

I think this is a great photo- from left to right are Dorothy, Hayley and Carole.  These girls are a lot of fun alone....but get them together and we have a blast!  Thanks for the memories girls.  

Shortly after this photo was taken, we went to Ronald McDonald House, and donated 128 hand made cards with envelopes, that were made during my first annual Charity Event.  They were very happy to receive the donation, and said that it would be great for the people staying there who have sick children in hospital.  

Have you ever thought about what small thing you could do to make a difference in your community?  Making the cards was lots of work for us...but it sure felt good giving them away and knowing they would be appreciated by the families who has so much already on their mind.

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