Thursday, March 6, 2014


Back in the time, before I was a demonstrator, I used to be amazed at how many "new items" I would find in my Stampin' Up! catalog each time I looked at it.  

After becoming a demonstrator, not so much.  I pour over my catalog when I get it, and am contstantly looking at it when helping my customers with their orders.  Also, whenever I do my blog posts, I am double checking names and prices etc. 

Well, I was looking for something in my catalog today, and came across this stamp called Remember - Rotary Stamp on page 130 of the Annual Catalog.  Item #130133 $7.95. 

I never noticed this stamp before!  

Let me tell you this little baby will be on my next order.  It will be GREAT for scrapbooking....but also for everyday life.  

See the line in the image above that has an open box and NOV-9 2022....this is going to be great for when I am paying my bills- I can stamp right on the bill the date paid and I can put the amount paid in the box- LOVE IT!  

Now tonight I am sitting down once again and going page by page through my catalogs to see if there is anything else that I have missed!  

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