Thursday, March 27, 2014

Scrapbooking- Organization

Today I wanted to share with you, some tips I have gathered on organization for scrap-bookers.  

Whether you are new to scrap-booking or have scrapped for years, you may find some tips here that will help you with your organization.  

Photos- Organize your photos in chronological order, or by event.  This will make creating your layouts much easier.  

Page Planning- When choosing your photos for your layout, choose your embellishments at the same time.  Then choose your card stock and papers and put it all in a plastic envelope.  You have just created a "KIT" and it is all ready for the next time you sit down to cool is that!

Storage- Use stackable plastic drawers is always a good solution for tools.  You can label the drawers and you can fit a lot of stuff in there, yet it is close at hand when you need it. 

Layout- when you are playing around with the layout and trying to figure out what is going to go where, have a notepad handy to write down notes about the photos, or ideas of what you want to add.....this way it is all there when the page is completed and it comes time to journal. 

 I don't know about you, but for me, journalling is the hardest part.  My suggestion is, the minimum you must put on a page is who is in the layout, the occasion, and the date.  

List of Supplies- Keep a small book in your purse with a list of scrapbook supplies, so that you do not duplicate what you already have.  It is very easy when you get in a store to get overwhelmed with the beautiful papers and cool embellishments and awesome tools.

Vacations and Trips- Whenever you go on a trip bring clear ziplock bags for each day you are away.  Place any memorabilia in the bag to add to your layouts when you get home.  

Cardstock and DSP- organize by color, it is much easier to find and saves you a ton of time. 

Current to Past-Always scrap your current photos first.  These events will be fresh in your mind and much easier to create layouts with. 

Finally I want to share with you a photo of how I store my packaged embellishments.  

It is a dollar store paper towel holder and three split rings and some page protectors from staples.  You can add to it or remove pages easily.  It allows me to quickly flip through what I have and find what I am looking for. It keeps everything neat and tidy and protected and does not take up much space....yeah simplicity! 

Watch for my next post on Scrap-booking Tools!

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