Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Sticky Situation. . .

I have been asked once again about types of adhesives I use and  which adhesives to use in what here is a brief refresher:

Tombow Multipurpose Liquid Glue:  Wet, white glue that dries clear.  This is the adhesive I use most, but not for ribbon.  Small dots of this glue provide a strong, permanent bond.  Dries in a few seconds, but with time to slide your paper into position.  Be sure to apply small amounts- and don't get it too close to the edge of the cardstock.  Store with the tip down so the glue is always ready and the nozzle doesn't clog.

Fine-Tip Glue Pen:   Fine nozzle will not clog because cap has needle-like thing that slides into it pretty easily.  You needto press items together for a few seconds until the glue sets.  Perfect for small embellishments like sequins. 

2-Way Glue Pen:  Wet but thick, not drippy.  Permanent if materials are adhered while glue is wet, but if glue is allowed to dry, bond will be temporary.  Not for ribbon.

Tear & Tape Adhesive:  Takes the place of the "red double-sided tape."  Excellent for adhering non-sheer ribbon like burlap or twill.  Very strong.

Mini Glue Dots:  Dry dots of glue used to adhere buttons, bows, and the ends of ribbon.  Great for adhering something to Glimmer Paper.

Stampin' Dimensionals:  Six-sided foam pieces with adhesive on both sides.  Used to give pop up panels and elements (pop-dots).
Fast Fuse Adhesive:  Tape-runner style perfect for paper-to-paper as well as non-sheer ribbon.  Very strong and permanent.  After rolling, make a "check" with your hand to break the adhesive so you don't pull it away from your project.

SNAIL Adhesive:  Tape-runner style excellent for paper-to-paper.  Permanent.  Use the "check" technique with this, too.

2-Way Glue Pen by Stampin' Up!

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Adhesive Remover by Stampin' Up!

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Fast Fuse Adhesive by Stampin' Up!

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Fast Fuse Adhesive Refill by Stampin' Up!

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Fine-Tip Glue Pen by Stampin' Up!

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Glue Dots by Stampin' Up!

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Multipurpose Liquid Glue by Stampin' Up!

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Silicone Craft Sheet by Stampin' Up!

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Snail Adhesive Refill by Stampin' Up!

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Snail Permanent Adhesive by Stampin' Up!

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Stampin' Dimensionals by Stampin' Up!

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Stampin' Glue Sticks by Stampin' Up!

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Tear & Tape Adhesive by Stampin' Up!

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