Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Paper Napkin Technique. . . a fail. . . and then finally a victory. . .

So here is what turned out in the end to be a sparkly beautiful card....however, I had a very hard time getting here!

I saw the technique on the internet and decided that I had to give it a try. 

I went to the dollar store and scooped up some beautiful napkins. 

Now the instructions said that you needed to separate the layers of the napkin so you only have the front printed one and discard the others.  This was tricky....it is VERY easy to tear the napkin when you separate the layers.  Finally I succeeded in this step.

Next you were to put your card stock down on your tabletop and cover it with a piece of plastic wrap.  Then you were to lay the paper napkin on top.  Cover with a piece of copy paper and iron with a dry iron ( no steam) on high. 

Sounds simple enough.  The idea is that the plastic melts the cardstock and napkin together.  WELL!!!  not true!!!  I ironed for 20 minutes and could not get the dang plastic to melt!!! It was unbelievable.  I used the dry iron....I even tried steam.....no way it would melt!!


Finally I gave up.....sat back and looked at the mess in front of me and decided to take matters into my own hands.

I grabbed my Stampin' Up! glue stick and covered the cardstock with the glue.  Then I covered the glue with the paper napkin.  Added the copy paper and ironed it again. 

SUCCESS was mine! 

Then I grabbed my scissors and carefully trimmed the napkin to be the exact size of the cardstock it was stuck to. 

Then I grabbed my versamark pad and completely covered the napkin with the clear ink.

I applied Iridescent Ice embossing powder and heat set it.  WOW was it glittery!

Then I just mounted it on a Mossy Meadow card base, whipped up a greeting and attached it to the front.

After an hour I finally had a napkin card......but not by following the directions.....I still have no idea why the plastic wrap would not melt.....strange but true!

If you have tried the Paper Napkin Technique and been successful with the plastic wrap please contact me and tell me how you did it.....I would LOVE to know!


  1. ABSOLUTELY beautiful Shel ~ and NO, I had no luck with this technique either ~ I tried it years back and had the same outcome as you ~ only, I never returned to try something else with it...in my frustration, I through it all away and decided I would NEVER try this again, don't ever say NEVER...you've got me thinking my friend ~ enjoy your day :-) xo

  2. Well I know what you mean about frustration girl.....and I would love to know why the technique did not work....hoping one of my blog readers who have had success with this technique will let me know what I did wrong....because I think the cards are beautiful but before I can teach it in a class I need to know how to do it correctly with the plastic wrap. Will let you know if I hear from anyone as to how to do it right. Huggs.


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