Sunday, June 23, 2013

Excitement- New Trailer!!!!

Today I am over the moon excited to share with you a personal post.  We bought a new trailer!!!!

Those of you who know me personally know that we used to have a cabin and due to a campground closure we lost everything as it was leased land that we built on. That was over two years ago and we have missed it terribly. 

Mike and I both celebrate our 50th birthdays this on June 22 and Mike on July 29...and this is our present to each other!!!

We have wheels under our new haven....and it is WONDERFUL! It is 34 feet from hitch to bumper.

Here are some photos of our new trailer on our seasonal lot.  We just moved in on Friday, and have some work to do with landscaping and a deck....but that will come. 

 We have two slide outs a huge one in the kitchen and living room and one in the bedroom
 There is a huge storage compartment on the side slide under the king sized bed

 This angle shows our new steps we built Saturday afternoon.

 We stained the steps the same color as our deck chairs we made.
 There is a storage compartment on the back side underneath the closet.
 Here is the bedroom which features a king sized bed- approved by Dixie as you can tell
 Over the bed storage
 Full closet with mirror ed glass sliding doors that goes all the way across the back
 Inside the closet has a full closet bar and there are three deep shelves on either end of the closet
 A computer table in front of the window, with room and hookups for a small tv....but we just put a fan there.  And the bonus is that there is plenty of room for making cards and scrapbook pages too!
 View from the screen door in the bedroom
 Toilet in a closet- genius!
 Over the toilet storage shelf
Roof vent with built in fan for toilet closet



Neo angle shower stall
Inside shower stall
 Medicine Cabinet
Sink and Vanity
Entertainment Center- tv, dvd, radio, cd
 Reclining arm chair



 Stainless Steel Fridge
 Stainless Steel Stove and Range Hood
Kitchen Sink

Upper cabinets and counter top
Lower cabinets
Wooden Table and 4 Chairs
 Leather sofa that converts to a spare bed in case my grandson comes to visit.
Under sofa storage drawer
There is also a 4 foot by 8 foot tall by 2 feet deep pantry closet...but I forgot to take  a picture.  I was trying to remember to get all the views but forgot one.  Ooops

Ok, gotta go make lunch for hubby....later!  Come back the rest of the week for some awesome cards !!


  1. Beautiful B'Day gift fr. each of u To each of u. Glad u r so happy.


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