Saturday, June 15, 2013


Last weekend, we visited Creekside Campground, just east of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.  

They have a beautiful park there, with water views, lots of mature treed lots, and amazing people. It is a wonderfully relaxing place and not too far from home.

As we entered the park we saw this little guy- his shell was about one foot in length:

 Of course, as soon as I saw him I grabbed my camera and bailed out of the car to snap a few photos.  I am an east coast girl, and I have never been this close to a turtle before, in fact the only turtles I have seen are in books or tiny little ones in a pet store.

He was none to happy about me being so close to him, he kept turning and going in the other direction.  I was surprised at how quickly he could move!  Don't you just love the bright yellow and red markings on his body! 

I was told by other campers, that they are very common in this area and are often seen crossing the road to get from one body of water to another.  I was also told, that there is a big log in the water and that I should watch for multiple turtles on the log - apparently this is a favorite place for them to sun themselves.

I wish my grand kids had been there to see him, but they were off in the Whiteshell in eastern Manitoba fishing for the weekend with their Dad.  I am sure they had memorable moments of their own, similar to mine. I know that both of the boys caught fish, and camped and went in the boat. A good weekend for everyone!

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