Friday, June 21, 2013

Scrappin Friday- He's Sew Cool!

Most of you already know , I married a WONDERFUL guy who is totally supportive and makes me laugh everyday. I am so very happy that we found each other!

But did you know that he can actually can take care of himself.....and he will even try to do things that most guys wouldn't even attempt, and I have photographic proof! 

Now dear hubby knows I have made this scrapbook page, and that my scrapbook class girls have seen it...and he knows that I post all my class projects on my today, dear hubby is the star of the show!

I am going to give you a bit of background info on this page.  One Sunday a few months ago, I was in  my craft room where I was trying to get card samples made for my upcoming class.  I was having one of those days- you know the kind where you have great intentions, but the creative mojo is just not working.(GRRRR I hate having days like those!) Well most of my cards were hitting the floor as things were not working for me, and I was really getting frustrated. 

Just then, Mike came in and asked me where my sewing machine was.  I really wasn't paying too much attention and when he asked if he could have it, I directed him to where it was stored, and continued with my cards.  

A couple of minutes later it dawned on me what had just happened; and I went out to the dining room where he was starting setup the sewing machine.  I quite frankly was astounded, and  asked him what he was doing.  He said that the hem in his gym pants was out and it was driving him crazy, so he was going to fix it. 

Well this was too good to be true, and I actually ran back to the craft room and grabbed the camera and starting snapping photos.  I could not believe that he was actually going to attempt to sew!

  Well I was eating humble pie by the time the hem was repaired.....I guess way back (many moons ago) when he was a youngin' in school he had to take sewing....and he apparently remembered what he was taught!  

Yes he fixed his gym pants all by himself (and I completely harrassed him the entire time).  I was so proud of him, most men would not even attempt to sew....and he did it and did it quite well!

So, without further ado, here is today's scrapbook layout and dear hubby, my 49 year old sewing star- yeah- he's sew cool! 

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  1. That's awesome. Nice to hear once in awhile.


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