Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fridge Organization....

Now those of you that know me personally, know that on April 1 my hubby and I began a lifelong journey towards healthy eating.  This was really not a difficult journey for either of us, with the help of a website: 

To date Mike has lost 25 pounds and I have lost 48 pounds. 

About a week ago, I saw a post online about refrigerator organization.  Now let me tell you, this is one area where I needed some SERIOUS help!  

I did some additional research online and found that there is a TON of storage solutions for your fridge- who knew?

Then when I looked into the costs was a bit much for me.  So I decided to go on a local hunt to find some cost effective storage solutions that would work in my fridge. 

First I took the inside measurements of my fridge shelves and door bins....then off I went in search of my perfect storage solutions.  

I found the perfect size bins- with handles- this was a MUST for me and door size storage tubs at DOLLAR TREE!  The shelf tubs were just $1.25 each and the door buckets were 2/$1.25....can't get a better deal than that. 

The bonus is they are all plastic and totally washable if anything ever spills in them.   

We have been using this system for a week now, and boy oh boy, what a difference an organized fridge can make

 I love the fact that everything has a specific place and the stuff we rarely use like oil, soya sauce, seafood sauce,Worcestershire sauce, etc etc are in bins at the back of the fridge, not taking up valuable door space!  

Here are some photos of my clean-organized- and oh so functional fridge.  LOVE IT! 

These first two photos are of the door I have placed the most commonly used items- water bottles, diet green tea and diet coke and becel margarine.  In behind I have stored bacon and wraps just because they were skinny and fit there easily. 

 In the bottom bin of the door is salsa, milk, lemon juice and my storage buckets.  They hold lunch size condiments, hard boiled eggs and tomatoes. 

Now for the inside shelves: 
 The bottom drawers are for my produce....the bottom shelf holds my yogurt bin, a whole chicken, fresh berries, additional lettuce and fresh beef.  The slide out drawer holds baby carrots, sliced meat for sandwiches and supplements.
 The middle shelf has two buckets in the back that hold less commonly used the back and out of the way of everyday use items.  The three front easily accessible buckets hold condiments, individually packaged cherries and salad dressings. 
 The top shelf has two buckets one that holds individually packaged blueberries and strawberries and whole fruits- apples oranges bananas.  In between the two buckets is individually portioned cottage cheese and diet jello cups. To the right of the individual fruit bucket is a row of double stacked homemade individually portioned vegetable soup.   At the back of this shelf I have canned items like salmon, tuna, no sugar added pineapple, pears and applesauce. 

I know this will not be for everyone....but this system really works for us!  Preparing lunches is quick and easy and clean up after meals is a breeze. 

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