Saturday, August 9, 2014

Night out with friends.....

No cards today....just a few quick photos from dinner out with our  best friends John and Dorothy.  

It is so good to stop- relax - enjoy and spend a few hours with good friends.

We had originally invited them out to the trailer for an afternoon swim and then we were going to barbecue for supper.  

But Mother Nature had other plans and our plans were ruined. 

So we decided to meet at Jonesey's Restaurant in East St Paul. This place is always busy...and they make an AWESOME greek salad. 

Here is a pic of the boys: 

And here is a couple pics of us gals:  (boys had a tough time figuring out the camera on my cell phone) 


We had a good meal.  Yeah Greek Salad!!!  Mike and I split the salad and split a sandwich.  Dorothy had the chicken finger meal and said it was really good.  John had the homemade soup and a club and he said it was really good as well.  So we were all happy. 

After dinner we had some great conversation with our best buds!  Thanks guys!

Check back Monday for some great handmade cards that Mike received for his birthday and some pics of his birthday as well.  

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