Monday, August 11, 2014

Hubby's and other pics.....

Mike turned 51 on July 29th.   Here are some photos of some cards he received: 

 Mike chose Famous Dave's for his birthday dinner. I have a few photos but you will have to excuse the quality as they were taken with my cell phone. 

  Here is a picture of him with Carole, his Step-Mother: 

Now special occasions are when we have decided, that we can eat whatever we want for one special meal, and not worry about healthy eating, counting calories, carbs, fats and sodium. 

 Mike chose baby back ribs and fries for his special dinner and the restaurant gave him a HUGE ice cream sundae to celebrate his birthday.

LOOK at that sundae! Looks yummy eh!

He said his dinner was delicious.

 Carole had the barbecue chopped salad with grilled chicken, she said it was delicious and she would order it again.   I had the sassy barbecue salad with grilled was...ok.... (enough said)

Here is a pic of the two of us after dinner with our sunburned faces:

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