Saturday, August 16, 2014

Trailer Pics of new deck......and pics of grand at the beach!

 So last year we purchased a new trailer and I blogged about that posted pictures of the trailer here.  This year we completed the deck area and these are the pictures: 

Our version of the red carpet- hahhahahha- no just keeps the driveway stones from tracking up on the deck and into the trailer.  

 My critters and flowers:

 The "dining" zone:

 Our new barbecue:

 Our new stairs- much better than the huge ones we had last year....Mike modified them and made a railing.

 The reading / chatting zone part one (shady area):

The reading/chatting zone part 2 (sunny area)

The sleeping zone (sorry forgot to put the cushions out):

 The screen gazebo/game zone:

 Firepit area:

Close up of firepit table....

 What's this?  My handsome hubby showing off his new abs?  - No, actually I think he was just moving his hand when I snapped the picture - funny can see behind his right shoulder where we stacked all the firewood we just got delivered....all cut to a 1 foot length perfect for the fire table! 

And here are my gorgeous grandkids out to enjoy a day at the beach and a barbecue for supper:

 Dixie getting her belly rubbed: 

 Beautiful Brielle.....check out those eyes: 

 Richard slept overnight and we played at the park, went swimming several times and had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows.  He found out that  the little boy at the trailer next door, is a distant cousin! 

 Here are the boys at the firepit table:

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  1. WOW ...... Everything looks GREAT. What site are you at ?


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