Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Grandaughters Baptism Gift.

I am blessed to have three happy and healthy grandchildren, Richard 4 1/2, Noah 2 1/2 and Brielle 2 months.

Here is a closeup of the newest addition, and my first granddaughter.

Brielle's baptism is coming up mid July, and I have been planning her gift.  Like her brothers she will get the bank account set up, so that when she turns 18 she will have a nest egg to begin her adult life.  Also, she will be getting a gift of gold, and I wanted to make something special to store her jewels in.  Every little girl needs something pink and frilly with bling and satin and pearls. 

This is the jewelry box  I came up with:

 It started as an unfinished wooden box from Dollarama, which had all the hardware removed andwas painted gloss white.
 Then it was "prettied" up with silk flowers, pearls, eyelet lace, satin ribbon, and heart shaped blinged ribbon slide.

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