Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sanding Blocks

Do You Need Sanding Blocks?   YES YOU DO- here is why! 

When I first saw Sanding Blocks in the Stampin' Up! Catalog, I wondered why anyone would need a sanding block to make cards?

I was at a class one night, a few years back, and we used them, and I was hooked.  I ordered some immediately and they have been in my tool drawer ever since.  Any tool that can make my crafting easier is a must have!
Sanding blocks  are an inexpensive, amazing paper crafting tool that I use all the time!
Here are some uses:
  • If you have ever cut cardstock, and the edge is a bit ragged (from a dull cutter blade) the sanding block is a quick fix.  Because it's a block, you get a solid, consistent connection between sandpaper and card stock, and you can smooth the edges quickly and efficiently.
  •  The sanding block is also effective for embellishing projects--use it as a distressing tool on either the edges or the flat surface of card stock.  Use with a forward and backward motion.
  • Another technique is to emboss some DSP with an Embossing Folder, then lightly sand the design.  The colored layer of the paper will rub off and expose the white core below. 
  • You can use them to scuff up new rubber stamps so that ink adheres better to them.
  • If you ever get rough spot on a punched shape (the punch is getting dull), just a few swipes with the sanding block will correct the problem.
The sanding blocks can be found in our new Idea Book and Catalog on page 207.  Each side of the block has a different grit, for either fine sanding or coarser sanding.  The item number is $124304 and they come in a 2 pack for just $4.50. If your sanding block ever gets dirty, simply wash them under running water and allow to dry.
Now, if you're ready to add this great item to your paper crafting toolbox, click here to go to my online store: to order yours today, or contact me directly:

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