Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Problem with paper sticking in dies.

Have you ever had trouble when using dies and your Big Shot with the paper sticking in the die or the sizzlet?  

I have had this problem in the past with the little leaves sizzlet and yesterday with the Beautiful Wings sizzlet. I think it is the tiny cutting area that is the culprit.

I was frustrated because they of course tore and bent trying to get them out.  I was thinking that if only I had something that was non stick. 

So, an idea popped in my head, and I grabbed a bounce sheet and put in in the die and ran it through my Big Shot.  

Guess what!  It solved my problem! The paper did not get stuck in the sizzlet! What a simple and inexpensive fix! 

I thought I would share this tip with my readers, in case you ever have issues like this. 

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