Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Designer Frames Mini Embossing Folders

We have a NEW  mini embossing folder set in the new Stampin’ Up Idea Book & Catalog called Designer frames, each measuring 4 ½” x 2 7/8”.

I have tried using the smaller folders before, and was discouraged by the additional lines the folder left on the 
paper, leaving me wary about trying these.

However, while web surfing, I came across a solution that Adriana found to this problem.  I tried her solution with folders I have and guess what- it works! 

Now I am going to order the new Designer frames folders asap!

Here is what she does:

Create a chipboard shim sized just smaller than the folder itself. When run through the machine, pressure will only be applied to the center of the folder where the design is created. I used 2 pieces of chipboard from the back of an art pad.
 Use the following sandwich to run it through the Big Shot. From the bottom up:
- Tab 1
- your card stock inserted into the embossing folder
- shim centered over the embossing folder,
- clear acrylic plate on top 
 Note: there is only one acrylic plate on top instead of creating the usual  sandwich with 2.
Your finished product will show only the embossed image - without the folder's edges! 

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