Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tutorial- Product Talk- Tombow Adhesive

Adhesive is very important to us paper crafter's.   

I’m asked frequently what kind of adhesive I use, and I am ALWAYS willing to toot the horn for my  favourite adhesive:   Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue -Stampin’ Up! item number 110755, $5.25.  

When I tried the Tombow Liquid Glue I was in heaven because it is forgiving- it gives you a moment to shift your layers right where you want them by sliding them, allowing for perfect placement, and if you happen to get a dot of glue on your paper you can wipe it off and the excess always dries clear. 

 Also, you will not see any warping of your paper and your projects will not fall apart.    

The glue bottle has a large (bottom) and small (top) applicator tip.   I always use the small one.

There is a photo below showing how little of the glue is needed. 

  All you need is the thinnest of lines of glue 1/4″ in from the edge.  The biggest mistake (in my humble opinion)  you can make with this stuff is using too much- which won't hurt your project, just your pocketbook. 

 Also, this glue goes a long, long way and is very cost effective.   I personally have made over 300 swap cards from one bottle- now that is cost efficient!

Try it - order a bottle today- I bet you will be hooked like me!

Here is the specifications published by Stampin' Up!:

Multi-purpose Liquid Glue

Features & Benefits: 
-Latex rubber acrylic resin adhesive
-Adhesive can be both permanent or temporary depending on how it is applied – see FYI
-Works great for adhering card stock or Designer Series Paper to chipboard 
-Dries clear
-Excellent for adhering Stampin’ Glitter to surfaces
-Dual-tipped applicator: use small tip for precision placement and wide tip to cover larger areas
-.875 oz.

Multipurpose Liquid Glue is temporary or permanent. To use it as a temporary adhesive, allow it to dry 
before adhering. To use it as a permanent adhesive, adhere it when wet. 

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