Friday, October 16, 2015

Failed Card. . . pocket shaker. . .

Today I am sharing with you a "failed card". 

We all have wonderful ideas that are great in our head. . . but when it comes to executing the idea onto paper. . . well sometimes it just does not work out.

You may ask, well if it is a failed card, then why is she bothering with this post and why would she share the card?  Good question! 

The answer is simple, just because my execution of the idea was a fail, the theory behind the card is still good. 

I heard about making shaker cards in a new way- not with foam tape, but with a plastic pocket. . . and of course I had to give it a try.

The theory behind this is that you create your focal image on cardstock. . . add glitter for your shaker mix. . . cover with window sheet and seal the edges with washi tape.  Once you have created the "pocket" you simply attach to the front of your card.

Aside from the fact that my image was a fail ( I colored in the turtles, and it was too dark, and seemed to blur the image) the pocket idea itself was a success. The glitter is fine enough that it easily moves around inside the pocket.

Give it a try...see what you come up with...and feel free to share your cards...I will post them on my blog to inspire others!

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