Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shel's Sparkly Spritz Spray

Sorry for being a day late....but yesterday was a MONDAY!!!! like you would not believe.   There just were not enough hours in the day and my "real" job was INSANE....therefore my "FUN" job suffered and I didnt get any creating or blog posting done.

Anyhow, as promised I am going to give you the recipe for "Shel's Sparkly Spritz Spray"  (haha)   Ok I did not invent this stuff...I have seen different recipes all over the internet....here are two that I  use:

1.  Get a mini mister bottle and pour 3/4 rubbing alcohol and 1/4 water with a drop or two of  Stampin Up shimmer paint (page 195) Shake well before each use- adds a delicate glitz of shimmer....works best on dark colors of cardstock. .  Use SPARINGLY so as not to get too wet as inks may run if too wet.  Allow to dry and respritz if desired.

2.  Get a trigger spray bottle ( I use an old vim mini duck billed bottle from Dollarama).  Fill 3/4 full of rubbing alcohol and 1/4 full of water.  Add Superfine Stampin Glitter in your choice of color.  Make sure you only use fine glitter as the larger type will clog the nozzle. Shake well before use and spritz onto completed cards.  Use SPARINGLY so as not to get too wet as inks may run if too wet.  Allow to dry and respritz if desired.

Both methods work great...I prefer the glitter over the paint as I like a stronger effect....but both are very nice.

Try them out....and let me know what you prefer.

A funny side note...make sure you go shopping for rubbing alcohol alone....Carole and I went together to Shoppers to purchase rubbing alcohol.  Of course you have to get this from the pharmacy.  She was paying for hers and said to me "OK now I have glue and the alcohol.....do you think we got strange looks from the pharmacy tech!!!  She must have thought we were some kind of addicts sniffing glue and alcohol....as soon as the words were out of Carole's mouth she knew how it had sounded and was trying to get away from the clerk as fast as she could before she broke down laughing....I of course howled and left her there....fun times!!!  Once again...thanks for the memories Carole....never a dull moment (hehehe)

Inky hugs til next time!!

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