Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you know.....about Tombow?

Did you know that the Tombow Multi Liquid Glue is an amazing product.  Here are some facts:
  • Is temporary adhesive when allowed to momentarily dry before adhering.
  • Is permanent when adhered promptly
  • Is acid free
  • Has two tips:  a fine pointed pen tip for small areas or a broad pad applicater for larger areas
  • A little goes a loonnnnng way ( a friend of mine made 100 cards with one bottle!!!)
  • Is VERY economical- only $5.25 per bottle (page 196 of the catalog)

And one more amazing can use Tombow to make your own glue dots!!!!!

Heres how: 

 You will need Tombow and wax paper or left over strips from glue dots. 

Make whatever size dots or strips you like.  They will be white in color.

Let dry 24 hours and they will be a yellowish color

Store in an old stamp case.  Voila- glue dots that really work!!!!

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