Friday, March 25, 2011

My girls are AWESOME paper artists!!

We had our first card club challenge.

 Here is how it works:  my club girls have a challenge each month to make a card and bring it to club in an envelope.  They are encouraged to do their very best work.  I open the cards and put them on display and an impartial judge chooses the "best" card, not knowing who created the card. Whoever is deemed to have won gets to take all the cards home.....a little added bonus.

Our first challenge had no theme.  The girls could make whatever type of card they desired.

Here are the shining stars:
Butterfly card designed by Sharon ( I love the BLING!)
Because I care designed by Carole ( Ink for shading and texture- LOVE IT!)

Ruff day card designed by Sharon ( check out the punch detail- LOVE IT!)

Thanks girls for allowing me to share your art....and I cannot wait until next card class to see your designs for sympathy cards.

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